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Black Nativity
Produced by the National Center of Afro-American Artists, Black Nativity tells the original story of the Nativity in scripture, verse, music and dance. Based on the Gospel of St. Luke, combined with the poetry of Langston Hughes, this song-play touches a special chord in the hearts of all. At the Tremont Temple, Fri, Sat, Sun. Call 617.423-6398

New Report and Conference on Black Women and HIV
According to the Black AIDS Institute, the vastly underreported good news about HIV and AIDS among African American women is that in June 2005, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a six percent drop in infection rates among Black women between the years 2000 and 2003. >>story

Keep Germs at Arm's Length
Want to avoid getting sick this winter? One of the greatest infection-fighting tools is right in your bathroom or kitchen, and chances are good you aren't taking advantage of it. [story]
Cell phone Portability: Should You Switch?
You can now take your existing number to a new carrier, as long as your new carrier serves the same area. Should you stay with your current wireless provider or switch to another? The following is a guide to help you decide. [story]
Put Your Trust in Trusts
No longer just for the super-rich, trusts are becoming an important method of estate planning for more and more people concerned with the management and distribution of their legacy. [Money]

Books: Chocolate Sangria
Join Ken Reed our Book Circle host, in a lively discussion of this month's selected reading: CHOCOLATE SANGRIA by Tracy Price Thompson. Voice your comments, add your views, and interact with the Authors. [Book Circle]

Boston Dining
During the holiday season, we have a tendency to consume more alcohol than normal. The downside of over indulgence of course is the unpleasant hangover. Here's a few tips on avoiding this side effect. [Dining]
My World with Karmen Barnett
Columnist Karmen Barnett calls it as he sees it. Agree, disagree, or voice your opinion. [My World]
Music: Will Downing - Emotions
With Emotions, Will Downing opens the door to the inner sanctum of his heart and mind with an intimate, intensely sensual 'no-holes-barred' look at his current state of mind. [Music]
Movies: Gothika
Gothika certainly won't go down in cinema history as a great movie, nor will it add anything new to Halle's career, but as mindless entertainment, it's hard to beat. [Movies]
The Truth About Ageing
A bright future beckons in which we will be as sprightly at 70 as we are at 50 - but only for a minority. [View Point]
Hot Jobs For the Future
Fortunately, you don't have to gaze into a crystal ball to learn about employment trends and growing industries. How will your career fare in the job market over the next ten years? Will prospective employers knock on your door, or will you need to pound the pavement looking for the best opportunity? [Careers]
Your Rights as a Tenant
As a tenant, Federal housing laws prohibits a variety of discriminatory conduct. Get the facts here. [story]

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