Cosby Remarks on Blacks Draw Fire, Support
Remarks Bill Cosby made earlier this month upbraiding certain segments of the black community on issues from their grammar to complaints about police brutality have been attacked by some as a classist, elitist attack on the poor. [story]

Jazz Legend Elvin Jones Dies
Elvin Jones, who died on Tuesday aged 76, was among the handful of truly great jazz drummers and a member of the John Coltrane Quartet in the early 1960s. [story]

Smoking Big Killer of Black Men
Overall cancer death rates for black American men could be cut by more than 60 percent if their exposure to smoking could be extinguished. That's the claim of a study in the May issue of Preventive Medicine. [story]

Survey Reveals Wide Frustration Among Black Doctors
The first national survey of black physicians' perceptions and attitudes about the medical profession has revealed that many are unhappy with their chosen careers. [Health]

Georgia High School Holds Segregated Proms
Decades after the Supreme Court ended school segregation, high school students in rural Lyons, Ga., are still separated from their peers of other races — at the prom. [story]

Cracker Barrel Settles Bias Suit
Cracker Barrel restaurants will expand sensitivity training for all of its employees as part of an agreement to settle an on going government investigation of customers' racial discrimination claims, the company and Justice Department announced. [story]

Kerry's Reaching Out to African-Americans
Kerry has been to dozens of black churches and black-oriented events on the campaign trail particularly on what I call the obligatory litmus-test bromides of black Democrats. [story]

Kool Cigarettes Target Blacks
A tobacco company's marketing campaign featuring hip-hop characters appears to be aimed at black youths in violation of a settlement between the industry and 46 states, the state attorney general in charge of enforcing the agreement said Wednesday. [story]

Nelly Pulls Out of Charity Event After Students Protest
Rap artist Nelly pulled out of a scheduled charity event at Spelman College following protests from students who claimed his latest video exploited and degraded women. [story]

Brown University President Begins Inquiry Into Slavery Ties
Ruth Simmons, the first black president of an Ivy League college, is takintg the unprecedented step of directing Brown to study its early links to slave owners and traders to determine how the college should take responsibility for that connection. [story]

US Hispanic and Asian Population to Triple by 2050
The number of Hispanic and Asian Americans will triple over the next 50 years, leaving non-Hispanic whites representing around half the total US population by 2050, the Census Bureau said. [story]

Baseball to Honor First Black Major Leaguer
To honor the enduring impact of Jackie Robinson and his legacy, Major League Baseball has established April 15 as "Jackie Robinson Day" throughout the Major Leagues, it was announced last week. [story]

Thurmond's Daughter Gets Tribute in S.C.
Essie Mae Washington-Williams, who revealed late last year she is the biracial daughter of late Sen. Strom Thurmond, was showered with praise from her family and others at a banquet to raise money for education. [story]

U.S. Report Downplayed Health Problems
Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said that his department was wrong to edit a report about health care for minorities to downplay the conclusion that unequal care for minorities is a national problem. [story]

African Americans Return to a Changing South
Three decades after segregation was struck down and long after sharecropping vanished, more African-Americans are moving to the South than are leaving it. This "reverse migration," which started in the early 1970s, sped to its highest rate from 1995-2000, according to the U.S. Census.

Judge Dismisses Slave Reparations Case
A federal judge on Monday dismissed a lawsuit brought by descendants of slaves against corporations they say profited from slavery, saying the plaintiffs had established no clear link to the companies they targeted.[story]

African-Americans to demand share of slots
IBlack legislative leaders say they will fight the legalization of slot machines in Maryland unless African-Americans get at least one of the state's gambling licenses. [story]

Bush Booed at Martin Luther King Gravesite
In a sign of the difficulty President Bush faces as he tries to win black support for his reelection, several hundred protesters loudly booed him on Thursday as he laid a wreath at the grave of civil rights leader Martin Luther King. [story]

Minorities, Women Gain Professionally
Women and minorities made significant gains in some prestigious professions during the 1990s, especially as doctors, but their progress was uneven in other occupations where white males still dominate, according to Census Bureau figures released recently.

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